Recycle unit:

The BFR2500E Recycling unit has a compact footprint. The design integrates all necessary components for operation. The container can be dropped off on site and lifted from the storage unit with a small generator. The container can be taken out of the bed using cylinders with the aid of a remote control to unfold the beds. No separate ladder is required for access to the recycling unit as it is equipped with a retractable ladder.

The recycling unit is equipped with three Mission Short Frame pumps coated with a hardned Nedox coating, meaning the pumps last up to 3x longer and the pump and motor are mounted closer together than traditional pumps. The unit also has PE100 pipelines that are more resistant to sand compared to similar pipelines. The recycling unit is also equipped with a shale shaker and two mud cleaners with hydrocyclones. The contaminated mud/bentonite is cleaned in three steps, with the contaminated mud entering through the shale shaker, then pumped over the first mud cleaner, and finally repeated on the second mud cleaner. The clean fluid then enters the storage unit.

Recycle unit BFR 2500 E

FrameSteel container
Dimensions6060 (L (mm)) X 2440 (W (mm)) x 2590 (H (mm))
Hydraulic systemLifting system for lifting the recycling unit from the storage unit
Height adjustment of shaker decks
Platform hydraulically foldable
Storage tank24m3 capacity tank
The lowered suction points allow the tank to empty completely
Access door to enter/clean the storage container
High pressure tankHigh pressure cleaner 400 volts
Hose 15 meters
Strain filter to clean the water
Transfer pump3500 liter/min transfer pump capacity
Lighting4x work lamp above frame (extendable)
1x work lamp in engine compartment (for maintenance)
1x work lamp in high-pressure pump room (for maintenance)
Control boxStainless steel wall cabinet, equipped with display, emergency stop and control buttons with the following functions:
o Emergencystop,mainswitch,lights on/off
o Recycling pump on/off
o Shaker decks on/off
o Transfer pump on/off
o Phase monitoring
Display for reading current status, any faults, running hours and maintenance intervals.
Remote controlRemote control equipped with the following functions;
o Emergency stop
o Recycle unit on/off
o Bordes in/out
DocumentationCE documentation, manual, parts list, hydraulic and electrical diagrams