Grouting units

Horizontal Directional Drilling

Bofram Techniek is a professional in the field of HDD systems. With 35 years of experience in engineering, we can offer customized solutions for every challenge with mix sets, and mix & pump sets for Grout and bentonite. Furthermore, we also offer custom pipe rollers. On this page you will find information about our Grouting units.

What is Grout?

Grout or drillgrout is a mixture of cement, water, and additives. It is often used in the horizontal directional drilling industry as a filler for a void space. When you replace a pipe underground with one that has a smaller diameter you will have some empty space left. If you don’t fill this space,  the ground can start to sink after a while. When you would fill this space with grout, the space is filled and the ground cannot sink.

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We are close to our customers and listen carefully to the problems in the Horizontal Directional Drilling work field. This way, we can give valuable advice and create new solutions with our innovative systems. Whether it is ergonomic, environment-friendly, or improved control management, we offer the perfect solution. You are in the right place for a custom grouting unit.

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Our Grouting units

Service and maintenance

To ensure optimal performance, quality, and longevity, it is important to clean the grouting unit thoroughly. That is why we can empower our grout equipment with a high-pressure cleaning system.

For inspection, maintenance, and repairs of HDD equipment you can reach out to us as well.

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