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Development and innovation

With many years of practical experience, Bofram focusses on custom machine building. We can empathize with your wishes regarding hose reels, hdd mud systems, and other machines. Customers reach out to us with a question or problem and we think along with them. Our team of engineers go in conversation with our clients and find out what specific needs and wants they have. Additionally, we come up with aspects our clients might not have thought about, like fuel savings, sound reduction, or ergonomics.

Our experts in construction, electrical, hydraulic, and mechanical fields are responsible for developing new concepts into practical, workable, and often cost-effective solutions. Bofram’s in-house engineering department uses the latest 3D CAD systems to design and produce your innovative solution successfully. Adjustments and modifications to existing equipment are also possible.

Bofram delivers high-quality solutions and custom machine building that meet the specific requirements of the customer and makes sure they are satisfied!

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