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Industrial Hose Reels

Hose reels for the industry

Industrial hose reels are useful for many different purposes. The hydraulic reel serves as an efficient tool to pull the hose. It is suitable for water trucks, fuel trucks, and other vehicles. This is a more ergonomic and safe solution than pulling the hose manually or motorized, especially when applied to a truck or fuel tank. Bofram engineers and produces your reel solution. All possible shapes and sizes are possible with various specifications, like remote control, double rotary feedthrough, and powder coating in the color you prefer.

Custom build hose reels

Every company is different and has different requirements. Therefore, we provide custom build industrial reel solutions for our customers and deliver a product that meets all specific requirements. By having a conversation with our customers, we understand what they want, give suitable advice, and focus on providing our customers with a functional product.

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