Recycle units

Drilling Fluids Reuse

Bofram Techniek has recycling systems as part of its drilling process (Mix & Pump, Bentonite Vacuum Systems). The recycling units can be used to recycle drilling fluids used during the drilling process. By using high-capacity hydro cyclones, the drilling fluid can be fully reused, which helps to reuse the mixed bentonite fluid. Bofram Techniek has designed recycling units specifically aimed at separating contaminated bentonite/MUDD. The machines are designed with the user in mind, taking into account ergonomics and maintenance. The size of the recycling unit is a standard cargo/container size (custom-made is also possible). These units are used for a wide range of projects. If you are interested in a recycling unit, please feel free to contact us.

Why Bofram?

We are a reliable partner for companies throughout Europe. How do we differentiate ourselves from our competitors? We are close to our customers and listen carefully to the problems in the Horizontal Directional Drilling work field. This way, we can give valuable advice and create new solutions with our innovative systems. Whether it is ergonomic, environment-friendly, or improved control management, we offer the perfect solution.


√ Low fuel consumption, √ Easy to maintain, √ User-friendly in operation, √ Robust construction

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Our Recycle units

Service and maintenance

To ensure optimal performance, quality, and longevity, it is important to clean the mix and pump unit thoroughly. That is why we empower our HDD equipment with a high-pressure cleaning system.

For inspection, maintenance, and repairs of HDD equipment you can reach out to us as well.