HDD Pump systems

Trenchless Drilling

Bofram Techniek is expanding in the field of MUD, HDD & Dämmer systems. We are adding more and more custom machines to our range. Until now, we mainly had pump systems in combination with an HDD mix set. However, sometimes an even bigger pump capacity is needed. As we always strive to construct compact and easy to use machines, we engineered pump systems apart from the mix units as well to keep the size of the machine handlebar. With 35 years of experience in engineering, we can offer customized solutions for every challenge with Horizontal Directional Drilling mud mix, pump, and circulation systems. On this page, you can find our pump systems.


√ Low fuel consumption

√ Easy maintainance

√ User-friendly in operation

√ Robust construction

Our HDD Pump Systems

Service and maintenance

To ensure optimal performance, quality, and longevity, it is important to clean the mix- & pump unit thoroughly. That is why we can empower our HDD equipment with a high-pressure cleaning system. For inspection, maintenance, and repairs of your HDD equipment you can reach out to us as well.

Your case is our challenge!

Are you looking for custom horizontal directional drilling pump systems? Please feel free to contact us and meet our engineers to talk about your specific wishes.