Bentonite Vacuum Excavator

Horizontal directional drilling

When executing an horizontal directional drilling, you need HDD equipment, such as a drilling rig, a bentonite mix- & pump system, and a vacuum excavator. The latter is needed to suck the used bentonite, or the excess drilling fluid (or sludge) out of the borehole. After this, the borehole can be closed again and the horizontal drilling can be completed.

Customized vacuum excavator for HDD fluid management

Bofram Techniek is a specialist in creating bentonite installations. With this, we mean the mix and pump units to create the drilling fluid and the bentonite vacuum excavators (also called mud suction systems) to suck the drilling residue out of the borehole. This residue can be, among others, bentonite, mud, or sand. This drilling residue can then be recycled if the customer desires. This can mean that it will be spread over the farmland. It can also mean that sand is filtered out of the drilling fluid so it can be reused for the next horizontal directional drilling.

Specifications and options

HDD vacuum excavator

Options mud vacuum tank

  • Vacuum tank in skid shape (Hook arm, container)
  • Vacuum tank unit on a trailer

Standard equipped with

  • Galvanized tank
  • Vacuum meter
  • Tank under slope
  • Manhole rear lowest point
  • Overfill security
  • Equipped with 6″ Perrot clutch
  • Sight glass
  • Easily accessible controls and service points
  • Easy to use control box on the outside of the tank

Possibilities drive vacuum installation

  • Hydraulic via PTO on truck
  • Diesel engine powered
  • Electrically powered

Mud vacuum tank options

  • Swivel valve rear side
  • Hinged tailgate for cleaning the tank
  • Stainless steel boxes made to measure
  • Hydraulic boom extending to 4 meters
  • Storage crates/space for hoses
  • Tilt function of tank to empty/clean tank