Discover our latest project: the Volkerwessels Mix Unit!

Discover our latest project: the Volkerwessels Mix Unit!

With a 5.1-ton crane and a 10-meter reach, the Mix Unit for Volkerwessels offers opportunities for efficiency and capacity. More bigbags can be moved, increasing operational capacity.

But that’s not all. With an adjustable hook-arm system suitable for both Dutch and German hook-arm vehicles, the Mixunit offers flexibility in transport. Moreover, there is a sampling table for checking the bentonite so that all work can be done from ground level and one does not have to climb (safety).

Furthermore, this unit is equipped with:
– The Mix Unit is equipped with a water filling point equipped with a large filter
– A built-in high pressure cleaner
– Shielded powerlock connections
– Lockable remote control charging point
– Level gauges with pointers on the outside for easy monitoring of the tank
– Hammer union connection so the pressure relief valve of high pressure pump can be connected to the unit
– Multiple filling and suction points for optimal user-friendliness
– Partially pneumatic valves
– Venturi with hopper and suction hose for sucking in the bentonite

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