Project Bofram Mud-storage

Discover the Bofram mudstorage unit

This mudstorage is equipped with a sensor that constantly monitors the mud level in the tank. An easy-to-use control panel allows you to specify exactly how much mud you want to transfer to another tank. This is done fully automatically with the push of a button. Furthermore, this unit is equipped with an overflow protection which automatically closes the inlet when the tank becomes full. The powerful transfer pump ensures that the high-pressure pump receives sufficient liquid in all circumstances, making the process effortless and efficient.

The continuous focus on durability and ease of use ensure that the unit lasts a long time. The frame, made of high-quality material (S355) combined with proper treatment ensure that the tank is protected for years to come. The unit’s capacity of up to 32m3 is easy to read from both the display and the convenient level indicators on both sides of the tank.

Of course we deliver the machines with the required CE and CVO documentation, comprehensive manuals and training options we ensure a clear explanation and easy use of the mudstorage unit.

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