Project Municipality of Heumen – truck

Discover our latest build for the municipality of Heumen!

The brand new .4 series Atlas auto loader crane, type 126.4E A2, is designed according to the latest safety requirements. With advanced features and focus on efficiency and safety. This combined with the MAN Truck and double-sided tipper makes it a real all-rounder!

With the comprehensive and clear remote control, this crane offers the perfect combination of power and precision. Furthermore, this truck is equipped with a working platform for a good view into the bucket while performing loading operations.

In addition, it also has cab monitoring to prevent the crane from hitting the cab. The Vossebelt 2-sided tipper is equipped with aluminum cover plates to neatly cover the load.

Besides that, this truck is also equipped with handy extras namely such as extra work lights, a stainless steel storage box for tools and stuff. With a broom and shovel support on top.

We wish the municipality of Heumen a load of work fun!

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