Grout mix pump

The Groutunit BFGMP 200D is a fully automatic grouting machine powered by a powerful Stage V diesel engine. This engine is designed to operate efficiently while reducing fuel consumption, which helps to save costs. Additionally, the engine meets the latest emission standards for diesel engines in the European Union and is equipped with advanced emission-reducing technologies such as particle filters and selected catalysts. These technologies help to reduce the emission of harmful substances, contributing to better air quality and lower environmental impact.

The HDD self-supporting machine, which is equipped with both a pump and a mixer set, can be controlled remotely by the user. The machine is equipped with a display on which the user can enter specific data (drilling length, pipe diameter, and cable diameter). Based on this, the machine will independently determine how much grout is needed. Thanks to the high speed at which the particles are mixed and chopped, the machine can work quickly and efficiently to achieve optimal mixing properties.

Grout mix pump BFGMP 200HD

FrameSteel container with hook arm preparation
Dimensions6500 (L (mm)) X 2450 (W (mm)) x 2500 (H (mm))
Power driveDiesel/hydraulics
EngineStage V diesel engine
Mix pumphydraulically driven agitator
Mix capacity250 liters per minute
Pump capacity HD200 liters per minute @20-30 bar
Tank350 liter storage tank, 200 liter water tank
Gewicht7000 kg
ControlsStainless steel housing built with a digital display
Options• Cement injection installation
• Automatic logging of used grout and liters of water
• Hydraulically driven hose reel
• Electric cleaning pump drive
• Stainless steel housing