Mix pump unit with rubber tracks BFMP 280 DR

FrameRobust frame made of steel with rubber tracks
Dimensions3200 (L (mm)) X 2400 (W (mm)) x 2600 (H (mm))
Power driveDiesel / Hydraulic
Mix pumpType 250 centrifugal pump (KSB)
Mix capacity2000 liters per minute
High pressure pump capacity250 liters per minute @ 70 Bar
Tank1x mixtank made of steel 2.5 m3
1x watertank made of steel 2.5 m3
ControlsStainless steel electrical box attached to the unit
Length rubber tracks2700 mm

Options mix pump with rubber tracks

  • Circulation system
  • Automatic filling system, the external waste water pump can be switched on by means of level measurement in the tank
  • Dry running protection on high-pressure and mix pump (reduces the risk of damage)
  • Reel frame with freewheel function
  • Automatic service/maintenance notification
  • Mix pump with 2 speeds; high speed during mixing, low speed to keep product moving
  • Work lighting
  • Maintenance-friendly
  • Minimal dirt accumulation due to the shape of the tank
  • Filling pipe at the front or back, in consultation with the customer
  • Rubber track drive via wireless remote control
  • Wastewater filter in supply pipe mounted, position in consultation with customer
  • Suction pipe from both tanks, fitted with shut-off valves to switch between the tanks
  • Discharge line equipped with pressure gauge and extra connection for powering the drill
  • High-pressure pump with pulsation damper
  • High-pressure pump protection by switching off the drive
  • Remote control with liters per minute control