HDD dämmer unit – pump and mix process:

The excellent mix, pump, and transport technology of the HDD dämmer unit, the BFM 36 D realizes a batch, or if desired, a continuous process, a homogenous mixing process with a constant water/dammer factor. These machine properties enable one to guarantee a very good end-result on the construction site. A simple configuration of the mixing and transport part of the BFM 36D makes it possible to clean the pump part of the BFM 36 D very quickly and easily. Hence, minimizing valuable time.

Our BFM 36 D can be cleaned quickly and easily via the water pump which is attached to the frame. The machine can also be equipped with remote control, so the machine can be operated remotely and at the workstation. Machine treatments: sandblasting, thermal zinc spraying, and powder coating.

HDD Dämmer unit – BFM 36 D

FrameRobust frame made of steel with forklift pockets
Dimensions2200 (L (mm)) X 1300 (W (mm)) x 1000 (H (mm))
Power driveDiesel / Hydraulic
Mix pump200 liters per minute
Mix capacity120 liters / Batch
Dämmer pump capacity60 liters per minute @ 15 bar
Tankclean water tank 1000 liter
ControlsControl unit
Weight1000 kg
Options● Dämmer injection installation
● Digital indicator liters and pressure
● Electric drive
● Foldable platform
● Hydraulically driven hose reel
● Security grid
● Stainless steel storage box
● Hydraulically driven cleaning pump