The pump unit is equipped with a stage V diesel engine and smart control. When the high pressure pump has to provide only a few liters of bentonite, the engine runs at idle speed. When the demand increases, the diesel engine automatically throttles. This way the diesel engine does not turn up the revs unnecessarily, which results in less noise, wear and tear and diesel consumption. By not revving the engine unnecessarily you can save up to 20% on fuel every day!

Additionally, the pump unit is equipped with four hydraulic support/lifting legs. This way, the pump unit is able to lift itself high enough to drive a truck underneath it. As such, no crane is needed to load the unit for transport.

Specifications pump unit:

  • Sound isolated doors around motor and pump
  • Easy access for maintenance
  • Grids around pump and motor
  • 4 hydraulic support / lifting legs
  • Leak free quick couplers for hydraulic powerpack connection
  • Diesel engine with built in oil cooler and the case is completely isolated
  • 1000 L diesel tank located in container
  • 120 L Ad-Blue tank
  • High pressure pump with liner and wash and splash lubrication
  • Hydraulic plunger motor for driving the high pressure pump
  • Hydraulic tank mounted in the frame and equipped with both a pressure and return filter
  • Hydraulic oil cooler, automatic temperature switch
  • Extendable work light on top of frame
  • Work light in engine room for maintenance
  • Work light in high pressure pump room for maintenance
  • Blasting, flame galvanising, primer and 2K finishing in RAL color

Pump unit BFP 2000 D

FrameSteel frame according to 20 FT iso container dimensions with container corner blocks
Dimensions6060 (L (mm)) X 2440 (W (mm)) x 2590 (H (mm))
Power driveStage V Diesel engine
405 KW at 2100 rpm
High pressure pumpEllis Williams pump
5 1/2″ Chrome liners
Capacity2100 liters per minute at 75 bar
Pressure relief valve set at 75 bar
Hydraulic system Closed system pump is mounted on the diesel engine
Control boxStainless steel wall cabinet, equipped with display, emergency stop and control buttons with the following functions:
o Emergencystop,mainswitch,lightson/off
o Dieselengine on/off
o High pressure pump on/off
o High pressure liters+/-
o Hour counter for Diesel engine and high pressure pump
Display for reading pre pressure, high pressure, l/min, current status, any faults, running hours and maintenance intervals.
Remote controlRemote control equipped with the following functions;
o Emergency stop
o Diesel engine on/off
o High pressure pump on/off
o High pressure pump liters +,-
o Display with Liters per minute, High pressure pump working pressure and Diesel engine rpm
DocumentationCE documentation and CVO
Operation and maintenance manual
List of parts
Hydraulic and electrical schemas
On-site training