Cable reels24 of which 18x with powerlock
TransmissionHydro motors and 220 V power pack
Per reel segment 8 pcs 1x hydromotor

Cable reel rack BFM10KHS

When drilling horizontally or vertically with an electric drilling system, you need numerous power cables. Besides the many advantages of electric drilling, the jumble of power cables is a disadvantage. Therefore, Bofram Techniek has built a cable reel system on a cable reel rack.

This reel system is suitable for 24 reels, 18 of which have power lock connections. These reels are rolled up automatically and the speed is adjustable on the remote control. The reel system is narrow in design so it is easy to transport. With an attachment coupling (CW 30-40) it can be coupled to an excavator and because it is equipped with pallet holes this reel rack can also be moved by a forklift truck. Furthermore, the reel is equipped with a built-in safety valve so that the maximum pulling force can be adjusted. Also, the reel frame has solid profiles serving a long life. The drive takes place by means of hydraulic motors and a 220 V power pack. The drive per reel segment of 8 pieces is 1 hydraulic motor. The contra powerlocks ensure a good connection of the cables during winding. The end of the cable with powerlock is secured to the side plate of the reel by means of a rubber S-hook.