High-pressure pump unit BFP3600D

Learn more about the high-pressure pump unit BFP3600D!

The advanced diesel-hydraulically powered high-pressure pump unit, equipped with a powerful Stage V Deutz 18.0L6 engine (622 kW), features intelligent control for optimal coordination between the hydraulic system and the diesel engine. This results in significant fuel savings. The hydraulic drive was developed in collaboration with Motrac (Linde Hydrauliek).

The Triplex high-pressure mud pump (Schäfer BTC 70-80) delivers impressive performance: 3600 liters per minute at a maximum working pressure of 90 bar! Operating at 230 revolutions per minute, it ensures low wear and a long lifespan for the liners. The pump is equipped with a suction filter, liner wash, splash lubrication on bearings, pressure reset relief valve, and bypass valve. This compact pump is the size of a 20ft container.

The 9-inch display on the machine provides users with full control. It clearly shows the pumped volume and pressure. The automatic opening of the blow-off valve when the pump stops adds extra convenience. Upon restarting, the pump resumes the last settings immediately.

To top it off, there is also an electrically powered variant available!

Bofram specializes in custom machine construction for directional drilling.

The units developed and built by Bofram are remote controlled. They supply the process with a controlled amount of bentonite to ensure smooth horizontal drilling and can be expanded with various options that make work in the HDD sector easier.

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