Meet the team – Jeroen

Meet Jeroen!

Hi my name is Jeroen and I have been working for Bofram for about 8 years now. Last January I went to the Dakar Rally!

My passion for motocross started at the age of 14. From moped to cross bike. Every Saturday afternoon and during club competitions I was on the cross track.

Not at a high level, but with love for the sport I started competing at the MON cross association. Having always done the maintenance of my bike myself, I pushed my limits.

When the Dakar Rally was on TV, I always watched as a loyal fan. Especially the bikes fascinated me, and I also had a lot of respect for the incredible performances of the riders.

Then I got an opportunity I couldn’t pass up. Through an acquaintance I got the opportunity to go along to the Dakar Rally as a mechanic with the BAS World KTM Racing Team, of Van der Velden Motoren from Boekel. A dream come true!

First, things had to be arranged with my employer Bofram. But as expected, not only I was enthusiastic, but the rest of the team as well and with all the support I went to the Dakar Rally!

In March 2023 I got to know the team and the bikes during the Abu Dhabi Desert Challenge, a small rally. The rally du maroc followed in October. And in January 2024, the time had come. The Dakar Rally: An unforgettable adventure for which I am very grateful. If I had not been given the freedom at Bofram, I would not have been able to experience this!

Bofram specializes in custom machine construction for directional drilling.

The units developed and built by Bofram are remote controlled. They supply the process with a controlled amount of bentonite to ensure smooth horizontal drilling and can be expanded with various options that make work in the HDD sector easier.

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