BFM 2500 EK

The BFM 2500 EK mixing unit has a measuring table with a drain point for easy product monitoring. This set is housed in a 20 ft container and includes a high-pressure cleaner, 25 meter hose for cleaning the entire machine. Unlike the BFM 2000 EK, this mixing unit is ground-based, eliminating the need for stairs. Additionally, the BFM 2500 EK has a level measurement in the mixing tank, protection against flooding and protection of the pump against drying out, which prevents the pump from breaking down.

The self-loading crane is a convenient and ergonomic addition to the bentonite mixing set. It consists of an electric mud and mixing unit with a self-loading crane for slotless drilling. This unit with a robust steel frame is built on a hook arm sled. The mixing unit is equipped with a crane that can be operated with a remote control. This crane can hang the big bag bentonite above the hopper table. Furthermore, the butterfly valves on the machine are easy to operate and the hopper table with related tasks is easily accessible. There is also a level measurement placed which is easily visible to everyone. This mixing installation is fully electric powered and has a special fan with adapted piping and venturi. In this way, a large capacity is realized so that the mud masters can mix quickly.

Mixing unit BFM 2500 EK

FrameRobust steel frame 20 ft with twist lock holes
Dimensions6000 (L (mm)) X 2440 (W (mm)) x 2590 (H (mm))
Power driveElectrically driven, with soft starter
Mix pumpMCM mix pump with ceramic seal
5x6x14 ” with 55 KW electric motor
equipped with a special impeller for faster ripening of Bentonite
Mix capacity4500 liters per minute
Transfer pumpMCM transfer pump with mechanical seal.
Transfer capacity3000 liter per minute
Mix tankSteel mix tank 26m3 with tapping point and convex walls. The tank is lightweight, chamfered for minimal dirt accumulation and has lowered suction points for emptying the tank.
Truck-loading crane3 tons/meter with a reach of 5.1 meters
Electrically powered power pack
Control cabinetStainless steel electrical box mounted on unit
● Emergency stop, main switch, lighting on/off
● Mix pump on/off
● Transfer pump on/off
● Truck loading tap on/off
● Hour counter
● Phase sequence monitoring
● Control lamps
● Display for reading status, faults, hours, maintenance intervals
● Activate button for bentonite suction from hopper
● Tank contents can be read on the display
Remote control● Truck loading crane remote control
Extra● Fill line position in consultation with the customer
● Dirty water filter
● Hopper table with valve suitable for big bag use
● Work lights x4
● Blasting, scooping, 2K lacquering
DocumentationCE documentation
Digital & Hardcopy manual for operation and maintenance