This HDD mix pump unit has an hydraulic pump driven by the PTO, so there is no need for an additional engine in the drilling truck. Space saving and noice reducing!

HDD mix pump unit PTO BFMP 250 H

Dimensions8200 (L (mm)) X 2450 (W (mm)) x 2200 (H (mm))
Power drive2 PTO’s MAN truck wih an average power consumption of +/- 55 kw
Rotational speed PTO High pressure pump 1068 RPM
Rotational speed PTO mix pump 672 RPM
Hydraulic pump high pressureLs-pump max. 137 L/min
Stroke volume 2 x 64 cm3/rev
Hydraulic pump mix Ls-pump max. 68 L/min
Stroke volume 101 cm3/rev
MixpumpCapacity 1000 L/min @ max 5 bar
High pressure pumpCapacity 250 L/min @ max 65 bar
ControlsStainless steel electrical box attached to the unit
Teleradio remote control
Weight2500 kg
Options● Mixing and high pressure pumps can be used simultaneously.
● Tailor-made for a mud mixing truck in which the drill itself can be placed as well
● Hydraulic drive on truck PTO, fixed diesel engine speed
● Wireless remote control with Pressure reading and Liters per minute
● Hydraulic driven hose reel 50 meters with 1 1/4 ” high pressure hose
● 3x 3000 liter tank for clean water, mixed product and mix tank stock.
● Level measurement in mix tank so the pump will automatically stop at low level (low level safety)
● Level measurement in storage tank so the high pressure pump will automatically stop at low level (low level safety)
● Use high pressure pump in combination with clean water tank to clean the machine
● KSB mix pump with mechanical seal