Specifications mixing unit:

  • Lowered drain point
  • Lowered suction point for pumps
  • Convex side walls (light in weight), open version
  • Stairs: 1 x external (fixed staircase) and 1 x internal in tank
  • 2 x mixing pipe PE version with 2 x 8 pcs Eductors, for fast riping Bentonite
  • Various connections to customer’s wishes
  • Hopper table suitable for BigBag use
  • Special venturi for fast intake of Bentonite powder
  • Float type level measurement, the pointer on the side of the container, 2-sided
  • Recycle mud connection according to customer’s requirements
  • Stainless steel control box (at hopper table)
  • Conservation: blasted primer and 2K topcoat (inside and outside) or scooping and lacquering
  • Piping carried out in PE where possible
  • Worklights: 1 x set up at hopper table 1 x at mix pump
  • Steel coarse water filter, easy to clean
  • Valve control via remote control

Mixing unit BFM 2000 E

FrameSteel container with sloping bottom (for easier cleaning)
Dimensions7000 (L (mm)) X 2440 (W (mm)) x 2500 (H (mm))
Power driveElectric
Mix pumpMCM mix pump with ceramic seal
5x6x14 ” with 55 KW electric motor
equipped with a special impeller for faster ripening of Bentonite
Mix capacity2000 liters per minute
Transfer pumpMCM transfer pump 5x6x13″ suitable for 1500 ltr/min flow with 2,5 bar, 37 KW

Extra options:

  • 2 x steel frame for big bag suspension on top of the hopper table
  • Extra transfer pump 37 KW incl. Control and motor switches
  • Remote control with pneumatic valve (faster reaction time), on pre-pressure pipe
  • Bottom frame hook system permanent or with twist locks
  • Big bag frame 2 x for above hopper table, incl. Permanent set-up option. Frame height to wishes of the customer.
  • Signal tower for level measurement tank
  • Special impeller in mix pump for faster maturation Bentonite (shear effect)
  • Valve control with signal from the drill