Electric mixing unit

Trenchless drilling

Bofram Techniek has realized a tailor-made electric mixing unit for the trenchless drilling industry. This HDD mix unit is built on a separate hook-lift system which can be disassembled with twist locks. A big bag frame will be mounted on top of the mixing unit so the crane does not have to keep the big bag bentonite permanently above the hopper table. This is safer and the crane can be used for other activities on site. The valves on the HDD machine are easy to operate and the hopper table and associated tasks are easily accessible to perform. In addition, there is also a level measurement indicator that is clearly visible to everyone on site.


This mixing system is fully electric-driven. The mixing pump has a special impeller, an adapted piping system and a venturi. As such, a large capacity is realized so the mud masters can mix very quickly. Curious how the mix performance of this unit looks like? Then watch the video below! In the end, we show how it performs.