HDD mix unit from Diesel engine to Electric driven

The realization of horizontal drillings to construct underground pipes and tubes, without having to deconstruct the road, requires professional equipment. However, the drill men can experience problems while using their machine which causes dissatisfaction.

For example, Moll Gestuurd Boren came to us with a mixing unit they bought several years ago. The engine got warm very easily. As a result, the suction capacity decreased over the years. This manifested in a venturi that does not suck in the bentonite fast enough, leaving the operator completely in dust. The waiting time to the drill rig increased as well because there was too little drilling fluid available. Furthermore, there was too little capacity to maintain pre-pressure and to mix at the same time. This did not contribute to the job satisfaction of the drill men. As such, Moll started looking for possible solutions and came to us. Bofram Techniek advised Moll Gestuurd Boren to adapt the existing mix set in the drilling truck and to focus on adapting the diesel engine to an electric drive and to change the venturi.

Low-noise generator and electric driven pump

Bofram adjusted the depth of the mix set’s frame to make it shorter. This was necessary to create space for the aggregate behind the mix set. Next, we placed a partition wall between the aggregate and the mix set and we positioned an extra outer door in the truck so the aggregate room stays accessible. As the room where the aggregate is located is separated from the room where the mixing unit is located, it was necessary to place extra grilles for the inlet air and exhaust of the aggregate. Afterwards, the diesel engine which is replaced by an aggregate is connected to the diesel tank of the truck. With a new control box, Moll can operate the generator from the position of the drill man in front of the mix set.

Furthermore, we have placed a Bofram venturi and another impeller on the mixing pump to increase the suction capacity. This results in an accelerated mixing process and… more job satisfaction!

We wish Moll Gestuurd Boren a lot of luck with their custom mix unit!

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