Dissatisfied with the performance of your current mix- & pump system? Bofram improves it!

Bofram Techniek has been engineering and realizing efficient bentonite mix- & pump systems for many years. Our mix- & pump systems are carefully tailored for directional drilling based on the wishes of our customers. But Bofram does more! Adjustments and improvements to your existing HDD equipment are also possible regardless of the supplier.

Why adjust your HDD mix- & pump system?

The horizontal drilling industry is constantly innovating and that is wonderful to see. However, innovations also bring a downside. With every innovation, the machine must be completely checked to see if it is still efficient under the different conditions in which it is used. A new fuel-efficient pump may not work perfectly with the current pipeline structure or a higher pressure pump may cause faster wear. All things that often only come to the surface during use, but have unpleasant consequences. In addition, a mix- & pump system is often used intensively under different circumstances. This naturally causes aging which can also result in a decreased performance. So if you are not 100% satisfied with the mix capacity or performance of your current mix- & pump system (anymore), don’t hesitate to contact us. We can adjust it for you to improve the mix performance. This, of course, also applies when your current mix- & pump system is a little bit outdated and ready for new parts.

What kind of adjustments?

When the mix- & pump system no longer mixes properly, it may be due to various causes. If the suction does not draw in enough bentonite powder, it is important that an adjustment is made to the Venturi or hopper table. If the pump is not working properly, it may require maintenance or the pump selection may not have been the best for this mix and pump system. In the latter case, it must be examined whether this can be solved with different parts or whether a new pump must be installed. The solution can also lie in adjusting the pipeline structure or installing a suitable Venturi so the liquid flow no longer encounters restrictions on both the pressure and suction side.

You might also be looking for an addition to your mix- & pump system. Consider, for example, a crane on the mix pump unit to lift the big bag bentonite above the hopper table or a pallet storage system. Other additions are a hose reel, a drill rod rack, a clean water tank to clean the machine, and a remote control with tank level measurement. The drillmen themselves often know best which useful additions make their daily work easier. The above adjustments can be carried out by Bofram Techniek regardless of the supplier of the mix- & pump system. We are happy to contribute to improving the performance of the mix- & pump system and the ergonomics of the drillmen.


Not satisfied with your current HDD mix- & pump system? Or do you want to add something to your current mix unit? Don’t hesitate to contact us. We will look at the mix- & pump system together and give appropriate advice about possible adjustments. We adjust every HDD mix- & pump system, regardless of the supplier. Of course, we also deliver complete custom HDD mud mix pump systems. You can find information about our HDD equipment under HDD Mudd systems.

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