Why you should consider an Atlas crane on your HDD set

During the execution of Horizontal Directional Drillings (HDD), you need various tools, like a drilling rig, a reamer, an HDD mix, a pump unit, bentonite powder, and a drilling bit. Many of these objects are very heavy. Lifting 20 kg bentonite bags and putting the drilling bit back in the truck is not very beneficial for our back. In addition, it can be very time consuming to lift heavy objects like these. That is why you should consider placing an Atlas crane or T crane on your HDD set;

Option 1: When the crane is placed on the HDD mix and pump unit, it can hold a big bag bentonite above the hopper table. This means that you do not have to lift heavy bags of bentonite, which is much better for the ergonomics. It is also time-saving, as it only concerns one large bag of bentonite instead of several small bags.

crane on horizontal drilling set

Option 2: When the crane is placed in a drilling truck, it can contribute to lifting the trenchless drilling equipment back in the truck. For example, this crane can place the drilling bit in the truck so you do not have to lift it with a few men. This is better for the ergonomics and can save time when cleaning up since only one person has to operate the crane and the others can continue with other work activities.

bfm 400 d atlas crane on hdd truck horizontal drilling

Option 3: When the loader crane is placed on a drilling rig, it can contribute to placing the drill rods in the drilling rig. These rods are too heavy to lift, so an extra crane is needed anyway. With this innovative solution, the Atlas crane is mounted on the drilling rig and therefore no extra transport is needed to get a crane on site.

crane on drilling rig

Bofram Techniek B.V.

Bofram is a dealer of Atlas cranes and a professional in designing and producing mix, pump, and recycle units for horizontal directional drilling. We can make a custom combination of a machine for trenchless drilling and an Atlas crane, or add an Atlas crane to your existing HDD equipment. For questions or more information, please feel free to contact us!

The HDD units developed and built by Bofram are 100% remote controlled and provide the horizontal directional drilling process with a controlled amount of bentonite mixture. The liters, working pressure, and engine speed can be read on the remote control. Advantages: big savings on fuel, time, and bentonite powder, and errors can be detected quickly. The optional Atlas loader crane is a nice and safe solution to make working in the trenchless drilling world less heavy.

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