Unique designed drilling set for Holland Drilling

Professional mud handling equipment is needed to realize horizontal drillings to construct and repair underground pipes and tubes without deconstructing the road. Holland Drilling reached out to Bofram and asked us to construct a high pressure and mix pump set in a horizontal directional drilling truck. Of course, our engineers were able to fulfill this request. Bofram designed and produced a complete drilling vehicle that allows our customer to work as efficiently as possible. We took all the wishes of the customer into account for a magnificent result.

Special wishes

A big water reservoir is present underneath the wooden floor of the trenchless drilling vehicle, so the drilling team always has enough water to their disposal. The 400 L/min bentonite mixing and pumping installation is equipped with a vacuum system and hydraulic reel. There is also a heated canteen in the drilling vehicle, so the team is not dependent on external facilities on location.