Maintenance on your HDD mixing system

All HDD drilling equipment needs maintenance and service, including a mud mix- & pump unit, which has been used during horizontal directional drilling. After years of intensive use, defects may arise. Some examples are obsolete pipes, porous hoses, malfunctions, or damage. It is important to discover and repair these defects as quickly as possible to prevent further damage. Especially since the repair of further damage takes more time than performing (preventive) maintenance on your HDD mixing system and time is money.

The mix and pump unit on the photo on the right has been used extensively during trenchless drillings under different weather conditions. As a result, a number of pipes were obsolete and this mixing system needed some maintenance. Bofram has replaced the obsolete pipes with new ones and completely checked the machine. Furthermore, this mix and pump unit has been overhauled so it can accommodate many safe directional drillings in the near future.

Bofram Techniek B.V.

At Bofram Techniek B.V., we provide maintenance and repair to all equipment used to mix bentonite or grout in the horizontal directional drilling industry. Additionally, we offer this service to the drilling rig itself. Our team of specialists can quickly locate and fix the problem. Moreover, the machine will be checked to see if any additional maintenance is needed.

Do you have an HDD mix, pump, and recycle unit that needs to be checked? Or are you looking for a partner who can perform maintenance on your HDD equipment? Please do not hesitate to contact us!

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