Meet the team! – Niels

Meet Niels!

”I am Niels van den Elzen and live in Zeeland. I have been employed by Bofram since January 1, 2024. After working as a truck driver for over 15 years, I was ready for a new challenge!
From a young age I have always been interested in engineering, and in the past I have also taken a course in motor vehicle engineering. I also work at home for the hobby with a lathe and milling machine.

When the vacancy for All-round Mechanic caught my eye, I did not hesitate for a moment. I applied immediately and within a week everything was arranged!

Now I build new machines on a project basis together with a colleague. Because I do not have much experience yet, it is very nice that I can go to my colleagues with all my questions, and I can also learn a lot from their expertise! With each passing day, my enthusiasm and desire to learn, create and contribute to the world of technological innovation grows.

In short, it’s nice working in a friendly atmosphere, in a top team!”

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Bofram specializes in custom machine construction for directional drilling.

The units developed and built by Bofram are remote controlled. They supply the process with a controlled amount of bentonite to ensure smooth horizontal drilling and can be expanded with various options that make work in the HDD sector easier.

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