Compact directional drilling system

Custom-build HDD machine                                                                         

Bofram designed and created a compact directional drilling system for the company Moll Gestuurd Boren. This mud handling system will be used in the HDD industry. Horizontal Directional Drilling is used to construct and repair underground tubes and pipes without deconstructing the road.

The engineers of Bofram created the complete mix and high-pressure unit. This unit is specifically designed for the HDD mud mixing truck of Mol Gestuurd Boren. This mud system is provided with two tanks, one for mixing and one for clean water. It also contains a hydraulic-driven hose reel with 40 meters of hose. Furthermore, a high mixing capacity, low fuel consumption, and wireless remote control are other important characteristics of our HDD equipment. The remote control has an engine start/stop, a digital pressure indicator, and a liters/minute indicator

Moll Gestuurd Boren

The company Moll Gestuurd Boren is located in Winkel. They are a professional in designing and executing trenchless drillings for the benefit of the underground infrastructure. They reached out to Bofram for quiet and compact directional drilling system to execute their HDD activities in residential areas.

Moll Gestuurd Boren has executed its first horizontal drilling with the Bofram mix and pump unit and Vermeer drilling rig. Bofram wishes the drill team of Mol Gestuurd Boren a lot of safe horizontal drills!