The advantages of hydraulic support legs on a pump unit

Bofram Techniek builds customized machines with solutions that perfectly fit your needs. This means we can build a suitable machine for any challenge you might face. Through our years of experience in machine building we have been able to provide machine solutions in various sectors. Also in the horizontal and vertical drilling industry. One such solution is the construction of hydraulic support legs to the mix pump unit or pump unit. Hydraulic support legs are lifting legs which enable the machine to lift itself high enough to be driven under with a truck/trailer.

The advantages are as follows:

No loader crane required

Because the unit can place itself on a flatbed trailer no loader crane is needed. This means that no specific truck with heavy Atlas loader crane or external crane is needed to load the unit. This saves time and money.

Flexible transport possibilities

As a result of not needing a crane, almost any trailer, truck or flatbed trailer can easily pick up the unit with hydraulic support legs. This is convenient because these are often easier to find nearby and available than a special trucks with heavy loader crane. This saves on costs.

Easy placement

The driver of the truck can single-handedly place the unit in the desired location. He just needs to drive the truck to the spot of choice and the support legs can be operated remotely. When these have reached the ground, he can drive the truck out from under the unit and lower the unit. This saves time and maneuvering the crane.

bofram hdd pump systems BFP2000D with hydraulic support legs

Bofram is specialized in custom machine constructions for directional drilling

The units developed and built by Bofram are remote controlled. They provide the process with a controlled amount of bentonite to ensure smooth horizontal drilling and can be expanded with various options that make work in the HDD sector easier.

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