Hydraulic closed system pumps on the PTO

Trenchless drilling

Bofram Techniek builds various drilling trucks for use in the trenchless drilling industry. A drilling truck contains the mix pump set for mixing and pumping bentonite. Due to the compact design of this set, there is often still room in the drilling truck for other horizontal directional drilling equipment, such as the drill rig itself.

Mix pump set drive

To run the mix pump set, a drive is needed. At Bofram Techniek we want optimum ease of use for the customer. This means that the drive should not make too much noise and should not take up too much space. One of our solutions? The hydraulic closed system pump is connected to the PTO under the truck. A closed system pump was chosen because the hydraulic motor of the high-pressure pump can be easily and accurately controlled so the customer has a constant liquid flow in liters and pressure. In addition, the mix pump and the reel are also driven by the closed system pump.

Because the diesel engine of the truck drives the mix pump set, no additional diesel engine is needed. When the mix pump is electrically driven, no additional aggregate is required as well. The advantage of this is that you save space, you save weight, and you have a Stage 5 / Euro 6 Diesel engine that meets the latest emission standards.


Where do we get this pump from? We are happy to work with Kramp for this project and many other projects. They have an incredibly wide assortment, a super-fast delivery, and when we are working on an unique project, we can always contact the experts for advice in order to arrive at a specific composition of parts.

Kramp: “We are happy to add our wide range, knowledge, and expertise to a company such as Bofram, which comes up with wonderful technical solutions! “


  • Space saving
  • Mix pump set meets the latest emission standards
  • Noise reduction because the diesel engine is not in the truck body