A steel mud mixing tank or an aluminum mixing tank?

Mud mixing systems for directional drilling come in all shapes and sizes. A mud mixing tank with a hook arm system, a mixing set on rubber tracks or a complete HDD drilling truck. There are also numerous options you can add to your mud mix unit, like a loader crane for the big bag bentonite or a light tower. Everything is possible. But we haven’t talked about the difference in materials.

Bofram Techniek delivers both a steel mud mix tank and an aluminum mud mix tank. Both materials are often used in metal constructions and both offer advantages for the horizontal and vertical directional drilling industry.

A steel mud mixing tank

Steel is a very strong material. A steel mud mix tank is not easily deformed by external forces. Think of high temperatures or when another machine accidentally bumps into it. Furthermore, steel is long-term protective against corrosion, non-flammable, and does not need a lot of maintenance. In short, a steel mud-mix tank will last a long time. However… steel is also heavy and not soundproof. This is especially disadvantageous for transporting the mud mix tank and for the drillmen who work with the machine. Bofram Techniek tries to minimize these disadvantages by applying sound-insulating material and engineering the construction as light as possible, but the aforementioned will always be characteristics of steel. An example of a steel mix tank is the BFM 2000 E.

An aluminum mud mixing tank

Aluminum is a very light material. This makes transporting an aluminum mud mix tank a lot easier. Another big advantage of aluminum HDD equipment is that it is very resistant to corrosion and it is 100% recyclable! However…, aluminum is more expensive compared to steel, and welding aluminum requires more attention. Unfortunately, we cannot do anything about the former, but the latter is no problem for our specialists! An example of an aluminum mix tank is the BFM 1000 D.

bentonite mixer
BFM 1000 D mixset aluminium

Bofram mixing units

Curious about the different models we have in steel or in aluminum? Then take a look at the BFM 2000 EK or the BFM 600 D. Would you rather have a mud mixing tank that we do not yet offer in one of the materials? Then, feel free to contact us and we will look at the possibilities. We build custom-made mix tanks entirely according to your wishes. So, whether it’s made of aluminum or steel or with a loader crane or a mix unit delivered complete with a drilling truck. It is no problem for us. We are always ready to help you achieve the finest possible horizontal or vertical drilling.